Diana Hercules | Mental Health Awareness

At least one in five youth aged 9–17 years currently has a diagnosable mental health disorder. There are many different kinds of mental health issues that people deal with such as depression, anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive disorders and schizophrenia to name a few. No matter what mental health issue someone is dealing with, it is an everyday battle that can […]

Hannah Halford | Boston University Student

Living in a global pandemic, I find myself especially reflective. Unable to experience the everyday activities, people and places I once enjoyed, my life has been uprooted and lacks grounding. Trying to recalibrate to this “new normal” has been immensely difficult as I’ve been forced to reevaluate many aspects of my personal life.   Although this […]

Zachary Tsun | Us, Nash, and Invisible Pain

I’ve had a friend that’s meant a lot to me for the last ten years — I first met him in elementary school after sharing a class together and playing the same video games. Let’s call him “Nash.” Over the years, Nash would come to my house to play video games with me, my brother, and our […]

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog! Connor’s Climb Foundation (CCF) is more than a nonprofit to me. Named after my brother Connor who died by suicide in 2011, CCF saves lives and keeps other families from going through a loss like my family has experienced.  CCF gives students, educators and communities throughout New Hampshire the tools they […]