Mental Health Action Plan Card

Create a family action plan for mental health occurrences – before they become a crisis.

The Mental Health Action Plan Card is a small info card for families to use as a means of creating a concrete action plan for when a family member is experiencing a mental health issue.

It is a double-sided card (see images) where children and parents can write down who they will turn to when they feel they may be approaching a crisis point – before they get to the point of self or outward harm.

This card aims to facilitate and normalize the difficult conversations around mental health – especially for those families who do not typically discuss such issues. It can be downloaded onto your computer or mobile device, or printed and kept on the fridge, in a safe place or even in the junk drawer!

How to Use it: Each person in the family lists the names of the people they will contact when they are feeling like they are approaching a mental health crisis. (Including phone or email is optional but helpful!) Review the names with one another so that your whole family knows who to turn to, and who each other will turn to, to address their mental health needs. 

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