Free Mental Health Screening

Check-Up from the Neck Up!

Mental health is a key part of overall wellness. Brief screenings are the quickest way to determine if you or someone you care about should connect with a mental health professional for support and resources. There are also many benefits of regular mental health check-ups, including identifying stressors before they develop into clinical conditions, helping you understand what’s normal based on your age and other circumstances, and allowing you to identify changes in your mental health over time. It’s just as important to learn about and monitor your mental health as it is to take a physical exam, check your blood pressure, and make dietary and exercise choices based on your unique needs! 

This mental health screening tool is completely anonymous and confidential. Immediately following the brief questionnaire, you will see your results, recommendations, and key resources. Keep in mind that screenings such as this are meant to be educational, not diagnostic; they are best considered a first-step to identifying whether you or someone you know might benefit from seeking further help from a mental healthcare professional. 

Key factors to keep in mind...


Completing these screenings will help you determine if your recent thoughts or behaviors may be associated with a common, treatable mental health issue.


We cannot link these screenings to any one individual, so you remain anonymous. Take these screenings anywhere you feel comfortable.


It takes only a few minutes per screening, and at the end you will be presented with information and next steps.