Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

Connor’s Climb Foundation (CCF) is more than a nonprofit to me. Named after my brother Connor who died by suicide in 2011, CCF saves lives and keeps other families from going through a loss like my family has experienced.  CCF gives students, educators and communities throughout New Hampshire the tools they need to recognize the warning signs of suicide and to help the young people who are struggling with their mental health. 

Since Connor’s death, the foundation has trained thousands of New Hampshire students and educators.  CCF also led the way to pass legislation that requires our schools to train teachers, staff and students on how to prevent suicide. 

I have seen the results of the education CCF provides firsthand.  I personally know people who are here today because their friends knew what to do when they were struggling with suicidal ideation after going through a training provided by CCF. 

I hope that this new CCF blog can become a place for young people to share their own stories, normalize mental health discussions and generate hope and resilience.  We cannot bring my brother back, but we can save lives in his memory. 

Check on your friends. Take care of each other.  – Drew Ball